3 Reasons to get Tooth-Colored Fillings in Detroit

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Damage to your teeth can be disheartening, making you want to cover your mouth when speaking and avoid flashing your teeth when you smile. In addition, it can affect your self-esteem and willingness to include yourself in social situations. Usually, when you have a cavity, a filling is the standard procedure of treatment to repair and fully restore your tooth. However, some fillings, such as metal, are harmful to your overall health and may cause additional adverse conditions. Therefore, Dr. Nancy Hartrick, a top-rated Detroit dentist, shares below three reasons to get tooth-colored fillings so that you can smile with confidence.

Reason #1: Tooth-colored fillings appear natural

The filling material, composite resin, is more flexible when customizing the tooth shade or shape. The biocompatible material can blend seamlessly with surrounding teeth when installed by our experienced Royal Oak family dentist. The new material is undetectable when you smile and speak and can restore your confidence. In addition, tooth-colored fillings can repair minor, aesthetic damage, such as chips, cracks, or discoloration to make it appear as if the tooth is naturally flawless. Tooth-colored fillings restore most cosmetic flaws and are commonly used in most dental practices.

Reason #2: Tooth-colored fillings are biocompatible

Composite resin works well with your existing tooth properties to provide strong restorations that last years. The resin keeps its shape and expands and contracts similar to your natural teeth when consuming something hot or cold. Detroit family dentists use tooth-colored fillings more often than most other treatments due to the resin composite makeup and flexibility. However, different fillings like metal ones may not be compatible and may expand at varying rates, eventually resulting in a broken tooth and needing additional dental work.

Reason #3: Tooth-colored fillings provide protection

Damaged teeth become weak and are likely to break again if not protected or supported. When a board-certified Royal Oak dentist installs a tooth-colored filling, they use the remaining tooth structure to increase strength and durability. The filling material bonds to your tooth, creating a protective barrier to keep harmful bacteria from exposing sensitive areas. The almost impenetrable seal drastically reduces your infection risk and reduces the likelihood of a more extensive procedure, like a root canal. Like your natural teeth, oral health care is crucial to prevent additional damage and maintain strong, healthy teeth even after tooth-colored fillings get installed.

Dental Fillings in Royal Oak and Detroit, Michigan

Visible tooth damage can wreck your self-esteem and make social situations feel awkward. Additionally, the damage may cause additional oral health problems when not addressed by a dentist. Therefore, when you have a damaged tooth, it’s vital to visit the dentist to assess the situation and determine the best treatment before harmful bacteria cause more damage to neighboring teeth. Find out more about tooth-colored fillings in Detroit during a consultation with Dr. Nancy Hartrick by calling Hartrick Dentistry at (248) 549-0950 or request an appointment online today! Discreet options are available, so you’re comfortable in social settings and not embarrassed.

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