3 Tips for Finding the Right TMJ Specialist for You

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Temporomandibular (TMJ) joint disorder, or TMD, is a serious medical condition that stems from jaw joint dysfunction. It’s estimated that TMJ disorder affects more than 10 million Americans; however, this is only a best-case guess because the vast majority of cases of TMJ disorder never get diagnosed, much less properly treated. Nevertheless, the only way to get relief for TMJ disorder in Detroit is to seek treatment from a medical professional who is qualified in this specialty. In this article, Hartrick Dentistry provides three tips for finding the right TMJ specialist for you.

Tip 1: Check their certifications

Not all dentists have the knowledge and training to treat TMJ disorder, but unfortunately, this does not keep certain practitioners from claiming they can treat the disorder when they lack either the education or the experience. The reality is, TMJ disorder is not taught during standard dental school. For the best care, you want to find someone who practices neuromuscular dentistry. This is a specialization of dental science that focuses on the alignment of the bite and jaw. Before seeking treatment, ask the dentist what courses and post-graduate education they possess. Look for a provider who has studied neuromuscular dentistry and TMJ treatment at one of these post-graduate institutions, such as the Kois Center, or the Las Vegas Institute. Our Detroit TMJ dentist has specialized training from these respected organizations that make her one of the best at diagnosing and treating TMJ disorder.

Tip 2: Do your research

We live in a digital age. You can find all sorts of information about any professional service you need, including a dentist or a specialist in TMJ disorder. Online reviews are one of the best resources at your disposal. Look for practitioners who have a wide variety of reviews, spread out over a period of time. Google reviews are the best to check out as they are the most authentic. Dr. Hartrick has dozens of five-star reviews on Google!

Tip 3: Know your treatment options

TMJ treatment is determined in a partnership between yourself and your provider. When you’re suffering from TMJ disorder, the root cause of your problems is some sort of malfunction in the temporomandibular joint. You will continue to experience your symptoms until the temporomandibular joint is brought back into balance.

Typical treatment options for TMJ disorder include:

  • The use of an oral appliance, which brings the lower jaw forward and restores harmony to the jaws, alleviating stress on the temporomandibular joint;
  • Making gentle adjustments to the alignment of your teeth, alleviating an unbalanced bite;
  • Using orthodontics to improve the position of the teeth and jaws; and
  • Jaw surgery in rare and significantly advanced cases.

When you meet with your neuromuscular dentist, a thorough TMJ disorder evaluation comes first, and then a discussion about treatment options. This is your time to ask questions, including how long it will take to complete treatment and how much it will cost. Discuss your treatment goals and ask about any potential risks that are involved. You also get a chance to get to know your TMJ specialist in Royal Oak before treatment begins.

TMJ Treatment in Royal Oak and Detroit

If you live with TMJ disorder, it’s time to get the lasting relief that has eluded you. Dr. Nancy Hartrick and her team at Hartrick Dentistry will treat your case of temporomandibular joint disorder with skill and compassion. She customizes TMJ treatment to meet your individual needs. To find out more, schedule your consultation today by calling (248) 549-0950 if you’re located in the areas of Royal Oak and Birmingham in Michigan.

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