6 ways to make time for a Dental Cleaning during the Holidays

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Carving time out of an already packed holiday schedule for a dental cleaning can seem challenging. With household responsibilities, school, work, extra-curricular activities, and holiday events, clearing an hour for the dentist may seem impractical. However, skipping dental checkups and cleanings through the holiday season may lead to advanced oral conditions that are costly, time-consuming, and continue to worsen if neglected. Dr. Nancy Hartrick, a leading Royal Oak family dentist, shares on the blog today six ways to make time for a dental cleaning during the holidays so that you can maintain good oral health during the holiday season.

  1. Communicate with Hartrick Dentistry

Our skilled staff works tirelessly to accommodate patient scheduling needs. When calling to schedule an appointment, please inform us of time constraints to schedule a time best suited for your needs. Also, please share your appointment purpose so that we plan enough time to complete your treatment.

  1. Schedule an Early Appointment

Scheduling an appointment for the first one of the day or in the early morning may decrease your wait time since the dentist should be on schedule. Also, earlier appointments can help get your visit over before your busy schedule kicks into high gear. Although our Detroit dentist works hard to accommodate each patient’s schedule, early morning appointments can fill quickly. Therefore, schedule six-month preventative care visits when you come in for your next checkup and cleaning to have your best chance at getting your preferred appointment time.

  1. Call Before Your Arrival

It may seem that arriving early at our office means you can get in faster, but sometimes we may run behind due to emergency appointments or treatments that took longer than expected. While we do our best to reduce wait times, showing up too early may not necessarily mean that we are ready for you. Therefore, call our Royal Oak dentist office one to two hours before the appointment to ensure Dr. Hartrick is running on time. Calling ahead could reduce extended waiting periods.

  1. Arrived Prepared

New patients must complete paperwork that requires additional time that should get calculated into your scheduling needs. Current patients with changes in contact, insurance, or health information should plan for additional time. Some patients may be able to complete their paperwork before arriving for their appointment. Feel free to ask our front desk staff if the option is available for you.

  1. Be Productive While Waiting

Scrolling through social media, flipping through a magazine, and watching TV during wait times can result in wasted time in your otherwise slammed schedule. However, some patients welcome those breaks where they can sit quietly for a few minutes to revitalize from a stressful schedule. Or perhaps you plan to use your wait time to work on short tasks from your to-do list like online shopping for the holidays, returning emails, or submitting a grocery order online while you wait.

  1. Commit to Preventative Care Practices

One of the easiest ways to save time and money for your dental care is to maintain an at-home daily oral hygiene regimen and visit our Detroit dental office twice annually for regular checkups and cleanings. By caring for your teeth and gums at home and receiving dental cleanings every six months, you can reduce the need for expensive and invasive procedures that demand time from your already busy schedule.

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A packed schedule with added holiday gatherings can sometimes mean your dental care lands at the bottom of your to-do list. However, your oral health directly affects your overall health, and neglecting proper oral care can result in adverse conditions that require more time off work and increased expenses. Therefore, prioritize your dental appointment for preventative maintenance during the holidays to maintain overall health and wellness. Call Hartrick Dentistry at (248) 549-0950 or schedule a consultation online to visit our Royal Oak family dentist, Dr. Nancy Hartrick.

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