How to keep Sleep Divorce from Wrecking your Relationship

sleep divorce

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI It’s tough enough to get a full night’s sleep as we grow older, but throw a snorer into the room, and it’s a recipe for disaster. Sharing a bed with a partner should be comforting

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4 Ways to Improve your Self Image through Cosmetic Dentistry

improve self image

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI When you look into a mirror and smile, are you happy with what you see? A New York Post article cited one survey that found that nearly 60% of respondents cover their mouths when they

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3 Ways to Reshape your Smile Without Braces

reshape smile

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Having a winning smile that you’re proud of doesn’t have to take years or cost a fortune to achieve. Bright, dazzling smiles of straight, white teeth aren’t reserved only for Hollywood celebrities — and they

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The Best Way to Make your Teeth Whitening Last Longer

teeth whitening last longer

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI So you’ve researched, budgeted and decided you’re ready to invest in yourself and your smile with professional teeth whitening. Nothing rejuvenates a bright, white, youthful smile more than this quick, affordable cosmetic dental procedure. But

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Why is My Tooth Sensitive, and What Should I Do About It?

sensitive teeth

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI A tooth that is sensitive isn’t shy about letting us know it’s sensitive. In fact, it lets us know in a pretty loud, zippy way when we sip on a hot, cold or sweet beverage

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Find Out What’s Really Causing your Snoring

causes of snoring

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Snoring is a common occurrence among people all over the world, but that doesn’t mean it’s normal. Snoring can be a sign of a serious sleep breathing disorder that increases your risk of a heart

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When is a Dental Crown the Best Treatment Option?

dental crown

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI At Hartrick Dentistry, we strive to prevent tooth loss whenever possible. We can protect a permanent tooth by installing a dental crown, saving teeth even if they have sustained serious damage. Once in place, a

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Onboarding Intraoral Scanners and the Digital Workflow in Your Practice

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Dr. Nancy Hartrick is a distinguished dentist serving the communities of Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI. She has been helping patients achieve healthy and beautiful smiles for over 30 years. Apart from providing top-quality dental

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3 Ways to get a Glowing Smile for the Holidays

holiday smile

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI This time of year, the lights twinkle, tinsel sparkles, and when there’s snow on the ground, it glistens. But your smile may be drab. Since photos abound this time of year during holiday gatherings, you

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Banish Bad Breath

banish bad breath

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI The idea of bad breath, also referred to as breath odor or halitosis, is enough to cause social anxiety. Many people are concerned about their breath, and as many as 30% of the population should

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