Detroit Dentist Offers a Medication-Free Treatment Option for Headaches

headache treatment

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Getting through your day with frequent or debilitating headaches can seem impossible. Whether you have an occasional headache typically caused by stress, dehydration, allergies, or suffer from consistent headaches daily, you may depend on over-the-counter

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When to see a TMJ Dentist about your Jaw Pain

when to see dentist about jaw pain

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Severe jaw pain can cause significant interference in a busy day. Concentrating on a minor task can be challenging, with debilitating pain in your jaw, head, or ear. In addition, approximately 15 percent of American

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5 Ways to Improve your Sleep After the Pandemic

improve sleep after pandemic

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI The COVID pandemic altered schedules and life aspects. Some people struggled to sleep, and their health suffered from increased stress. Although most pandemic restrictions no longer exist, you may still struggle with sleep. Multiple factors

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Can you Catch up on Lost Sleep?

catch up on lost sleep

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Whether you work a swing shift or your mind was racing too much to fall asleep at a decent hour last night, almost everyone experiences sleep loss at one time or another in their lives.

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3 Reasons to get Tooth-Colored Fillings in Detroit

tooth colored fillings

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Damage to your teeth can be disheartening, making you want to cover your mouth when speaking and avoid flashing your teeth when you smile. In addition, it can affect your self-esteem and willingness to include

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What to do if a Dental Crown Breaks while on Summer Vacation

if dental crown breaks on vacation

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Dental emergencies don’t occur just when they are convenient. They can happen anytime: in the middle of the night, during the weekend, on a holiday, or while you are on vacation. What if you have

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Could Sleep Apnea cause Blindness?

can sleep apnea cause blindness

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI If you have diabetes or someone you know is diabetic, please continue reading this blog today. Our Detroit sleep apnea dentist at Hartrick Dentistry wants to share some vital information about sleep apnea and diabetes.

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Why does my Kid have Crooked Teeth, and what can be done about It?

why does my kid have crooked teeth

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI It seems these days that a significant amount of children end up wearing braces when they become tweens or teens. What does this indicate? That many children have crooked teeth or misaligned bites. Why are

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What Should I do if I don’t want to Wear Dentures?

what to do if you dont want to wear dentures

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Dentures have been around for many years. It’s an affordable tooth replacement option that patients often choose when they no longer have healthy teeth. Dentures have come a long way in recent years and tend

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Best Practices to Clean Dental Implants

cleaning dental implants

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Dental implants are a revolutionary treatment in the dental industry. With the use of a titanium post inserted into your jawbone for stability and a porcelain dental crown for functionality and aesthetics, your dental implants

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