7 Reasons Why Your Jaw Hurts

reason for jaw pain

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Joint pain can ruin your day and make it difficult to function. You might think of this pain relating to your knees or elbows, but what about jaw joint pain? It might manifest as a

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6 Ways to Fit your Checkup into a Busy Schedule

fit dental checkup into busy schedule

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Fitting another appointment into an already slammed schedule can be stressful. Between work deadlines, kid’s activities, and general housekeeping duties, it can be challenging to find time to go to the dentist. The result often

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Oral Health Tips for the Holiday Season

holiday oral health tips

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI The holidays may look a bit different this year, with fewer get-togethers and smaller gatherings. But one thing will likely remain the same – lots of food! Even though the season is typically jolly, your

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Why Holiday Stress may not be to Blame for your Jaw Pain

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Songs, commercials and those darn Hallmark movies promote the holiday season as the most wonderful time of the year, but for many people, it’s also a stressful time. Feeling stressed or anxious can lead to

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Worried about getting COVID-19 at the Dentist? Don’t be!

dont worry about getting covid at the dentist

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Unfortunately, COVID-19 case rates are on the rise in Michigan. Heading into the end of October, new cases statewide increased by 24 percent. If you live in the communities of Birmingham and Royal Oak, you

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Less Common Symptoms that Point to Sleep Apnea

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Sleep apnea is an airway disorder affecting nearly 10 million people in the U.S. Most people who have it are unaware of their condition. While the most common symptom is snoring, other symptoms are related

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How you Breathe could be causing you Cavities

how you breathe causes cavities

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Waking up with a dry mouth or sore throat are signs that you breathe through your mouth at night. You might not know it, but mouth breathing can have serious consequences for your health. A

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Can Kids get TMJ Disorder?

can kids get tmj

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Temporomandibular joint disorder or TMJD often is a problem that plagues adults, especially women. But, can kids get TMJ disorder too? When it comes to children in pain, it is very heartbreaking for most parents.

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The Cause of your Chronic Headaches could be Right Under your Nose

cause of headaches

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Regularly occurring headaches can make it difficult to concentrate at work or carry out your daily routine. Unfortunately, pinpointing the cause of your headaches could be complicated and time-consuming, involving multiple visits to the doctor.

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Doing this while Sleeping could be a Detriment to your Health

doing this while sleeping bad for health

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI You probably don’t give much thought to how you breathe, especially while sleeping. But, mouth breathing is common among many people, and it could be wrecking your oral health. Therefore, your airway dentist in Royal

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