Can Toothaches Cause Ear Pain Too?

toothache and ear pain

toothache and ear painRoyal Oak and Birmingham, MI

Pain in the gums is the most unexpected and unpleasant companion that may spoil even the best day. Toothaches can be extremely painful but can range from a mild ache to a consistent throbbing. That throbbing pain associated with a toothache could seem like an earache. On the blog today, Dr. Nancy Hartrick, our trusted dentist in Royal Oak, explores the connection between toothaches and ear pain.

What are the main causes of toothaches?

The culprits can vary, but they typically revolve around one common theme: inflammation of a nerve that lies alongside or within a tooth’s canal. Many times, the nerve endings of the tooth become exposed to bacteria resulting from cavities or structural compromises and can cause an infection. Furthermore, other causes include injuries or abscessed teeth that can lead to excruciating pain that does not relent.

What are the types of pain I may encounter?

It may begin with an occasional zing of pain, a sensation well-known by those who have experienced it. On the other hand, it could turn into a constant, pounding pain, which will not go away, even when using over-the-counter medications for relief. Our trusted dentist in Birmingham has valuable advice to give regarding dental discomfort. She insists that patients should never consider any toothache trivial and ignore it. Ideally, you should tend to toothaches while they are still relatively mild so that they don’t worsen and require extensive procedures.

How can a toothache cause ear pain?

The cranial trigeminal nerve, which interconnects the face, jaw, and head forms a rather complicated system. When your tooth sends painful signals, these nerves can send pain messages to your ears. It’s like a communication process where information sent from an organ ends up at various undesired locations and unconventionally so, with painful messages.

Moreover, an abscessed tooth is a product of a bad infection and doesn’t stop giving you a swollen face and breath-inducing pain. It’s also well-known to send painful sensations to the adjacent regions, particularly the ears. If not controlled, it can cause a lot of health problems and can be a menace to your general well-being.

What can I do to stop the toothaches and ear pain?

Our Royal Oak trusted dentist emphasizes the importance of not procrastinating when your mouth feels some pain. Any pain in the teeth, ear, or face shouldn’t be ignored, especially when swelling appears. Therefore, turn to Hartrick Dentistry as soon as possible, and Dr. Hartrick will determine the source of your pain and remedy the problem before it worsens.

Trusted Dentist in Royal Oak and Birmingham, Michigan

Appearing suddenly in the middle of the day, a toothache has the potential to wipe out anyone as it can cause a lot of discomfort, especially if the pain reaches your ears. Do not ignore your toothache, even if the pain comes and goes or seems only mild initially. Contact our Royal Oak area trusted dentist, Dr. Nancy Hartrick, at (248) 549-0950 so that Hartrick Dentistry can assist you in ridding yourself of dental pain for good.

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The Future of Dental Technology in Royal Oak

dental technology

dental technologyRoyal Oak and Birmingham, MI

If you had a cavity when you were younger, what did repairing the tooth entail? You might remember a dentist removing the damaged portion of your tooth with a drill, or the application of a semi-solid goop to make an impression of the tooth so that your filling could be fabricated. And before any of that, you probably received an injection with an incredibly long needle … you know, so you don’t feel anything. Modern dentistry has progressed rapidly in the past few decades and the advancements are not stopping anytime soon.

Now, imagine getting another cavity and going to your dentist, but repairing your tooth is as simple as having a laser beam shot into your mouth, followed by a quick injection of a paste. This may sound like science fiction but it is closer to being reality than you might think. Today on the blog, we take a look ahead to the future of dental technology and how it can improve your care in Royal Oak.

Laser technology: This is already present in many dental practices at the forefront of the field. At Hartrick Dentistry, we currently employ lasers in the form of a diagnodent pen, which can be used to detect tooth decay with 98% accuracy simply by exposing areas of your mouth to the laser light. This is just a taste of what lasers could accomplish in the field of dentistry. In time, lasers may replace drills, and treatments with lasers can be completed with virtually no discomfort, eliminating the need for local anesthetics or numbing pastes.

Regenerating teeth with electrical current: Move over, Doctor Frankenstein! In recent years, dentists created a potentially revolutionary process to remineralize areas of tooth decay through the application of electrical current. This has the chance to alter the way dentists do business and repair teeth. Imagine if, in the future, repairing a cavity is as simple as zapping it with electrical current and letting the tooth heal itself, thus removing the need to receive a filling.

Ultraviolet lights: The use of ultraviolet light is already rather common in dentistry. Using a handheld device, your dentist can expose any troublesome areas of your mouth to a fluorescent ultraviolet light as part of an oral cancer screening. The continued widespread use of this technology can help lead to detection of oral cancer more quickly, thus lowering the mortality rate from cancers of this type.

Digital dentistry: Digital technology has changed almost every aspect of our society. It has altered the way we work, shop and learn. It has also transformed the way dentists care for their patients. Hartrick Dentistry already makes use of digital technology in multiple ways. We store patient records digitally, use a digital X-ray system that is more precise and emits far less radiation than a traditional X-ray machine and capture images of your teeth that get transmitted directly to our computer system thanks to our intraoral camera.

Using state-of-the-art dental technology to provide care

Dr. Nancy Hartrick believes that advanced technology represents a commitment to providing the highest level of care to her patients in Royal Oak, Birmingham and the surrounding areas in Michigan. If you would like to learn more about how we apply technology at our dental practice or schedule a tour of our office, contact Hartrick Dentistry today by calling (248) 549-0950.

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Popular Cosmetic Dental Procedures in Royal Oak

cosmetic procedures

cosmetic proceduresRoyal Oak and Birmingham, MI

Are you unhappy with the appearance of your smile? If so, you are not alone. Nearly 60% of respondents to one recent study said they disliked the way their smile looked. Today, getting the smile you always wanted is more attainable than ever thanks to modern cosmetic dentistry. This specialization of dental science uses beautiful materials, advanced techniques and cutting-edge technology to produce beautiful results. Hartrick Dentistry is proud to provide these services to our customers in Royal Oak, Birmingham and the surrounding areas in Michigan. Today on the blog, we take a look at some of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures we perform in Royal Oak.

Teeth whitening: Not only is this the most popular cosmetic procedure at our practice, professional dental whitening is the most common treatment performed in cosmetic dentistry as a whole. It’s popular for several reasons. First, brightening your teeth by just a few shades can make a dramatic difference in the appearance of your smile. Second, a professional whitening treatment produces more significant results that last longer, and does so with lower risk of causing enhanced sensitivity in your teeth because the procedure is overseen by our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Nancy Hartrick. Thirdly, a whitening treatment is convenient, as it can be completed in an hour or less.

Veneers: Are you self-conscious about teeth that are chipped, cracked or broken? Do you have a visible gap between teeth? Maybe you have teeth of different sizes or mild crookedness that makes you embarrassed. Veneers can simultaneously address all of these aesthetic flaws and more. A veneer is a thin shell that fits over the front of the tooth or teeth being treated. At Hartrick Dentistry, we offer veneers made of dental porcelain. This is a beautiful and durable material that resists surface stains and reflects light in a similar manner to genuine tooth enamel. Receiving veneers entails two separate appointments at our dental practice in Royal Oak. Contact our office today if you have questions about our veneer process.

Crowns: Dr. Hartrick believes in preserving your teeth as long it remains feasible to do so. A dental crown can save a tooth even if it is badly damaged due to an injury or decay, by replacing the entire exterior of a tooth. A crown is beautiful, durable and covered in the same dental porcelain we use to make our veneers. That means we can tailor the color of your crown to match the shade of your other natural teeth, allowing your restored tooth to blend seamlessly with the rest of your smile. We also use a crown at the conclusion of either a root canal or dental implant procedure. Our crown procedures also are more convenient than ever thanks to our CEREC computer system. This technology allows us to map, plan and fabricate a permanent crown all in one appointment, rather than having to receive a temporary restoration and then get your final crown at a subsequent visit.

Cosmetic dentistry in Royal Oak and Birmingham, Michigan

The fabulous-looking smile you always wanted is more attainable than you realize. To learn more about the program of cosmetic dentistry that Dr. Nancy Hartrick provides, contact our office today to schedule a consultation. Just call (248) 549-0950.

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5 Questions you Should Ask at your Next Dental Checkup

truth behind dental checkups

truth behind dental checkupsRoyal Oak and Birmingham, MI

Getting a dental checkup every six months is a key component of a good oral health routine. These appointments twice a year also provide you with an ideal opportunity to ask your dentist any questions you may have. But maybe you are unsure what to ask? That’s why, today on the blog, we suggest five questions you should ask at your next dental checkup in Royal Oak.

How can I take good care of my teeth at home?

The American Dental Association recommends the following regimen: brushing twice a day using a soft-bristled toothbrush, flossing each day and, as mentioned earlier, seeing your dentist every six months. We also suggest you drink plenty of water, avoid eating and drinking too much sugar, eat a well-balanced diet and stop using tobacco in any form.

Why are my teeth sensitive?

Heightened tooth sensitivity usually occurs when you eat or drink something that is hot or cold. This sensitivity could stem from any one of an assortment of oral health issues: gum recession, tooth decay, damaged dental restorations, cracked teeth or weakened tooth enamel. The root cause of dental sensitivity is usually either improper dental care, a poor diet or a combination of the two. You also may be brushing too hard or with a hard-bristled toothbrush or need to switch to a toothpaste made for sensitive teeth.

When should my baby start going to the dentist?

The ADA advises children should begin going to the dentist when you reach your first birthday or when their first baby tooth emerges from the gum line – whichever comes first. It’s important to establish good oral hygiene habits as early as possible. Wipe down your baby’s gums after feedings even before any primary teeth begin to erupt from the gum line. Then use an age-appropriate toothbrush and toothpaste to clean your child’s new primary teeth until they are old enough to brush on their own.

How can I improve the appearance of my smile?

You don’t have to be a rich and famous celebrity to have a perfect-looking smile. Cosmetic dentistry makes it possible for almost anyone to attain a smile that’s worthy of the red carpet. Hartrick Dentistry offers an extensive and varied program of cosmetic dentistry, with popular treatments including teeth whitening and veneers, among others. To learn more, schedule a consultation; at this appointment, you can share your aesthetic goals and Dr. Nancy Hartrick will assess your current oral health and review your dental history to ensure you are a good candidate for cosmetic work.

What signs of gum disease should I watch for?

If you are over the age of 30, you have a 50/50 chance of developing gum disease, according to data compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Gum disease is not only widespread, but chronic. Without treatment by an experienced and trained dentist, gum disease can lead to tooth loss, bone loss and a host of other serious issues, even significantly raising your risk of cardiac problems. Your regular dental checkups allow your dentist to evaluate your current oral condition and identify any signs of gum disease.

Comprehensive Dental Care in Royal Oak and Birmingham in Michigan

Hartrick Dentistry is a full-service dental practice that offers care for your entire family. If you are overdue for your next dental cleaning or you need to find a dentist to serve you, Dr. Nancy Hartrick currently is accepting new patients. Call (248) 549-0950 to schedule a consultation today.

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Ranking the 7 Most Effective Whitening Treatments

teeth whitening options

teeth whitening optionsRoyal Oak and Birmingham, MI

Are you unhappy with the appearance of your smile? Maybe you have a big event upcoming and want to ensure your smile looks its best when the photos get taken. A whitening treatment is your solution. Just brightening your teeth by a few shades can dramatically change the appearance of your smile. However, all teeth whitening methods are not created equal. Today on the blog, Dr. Nancy Hartrick breaks down seven whitening treatments, in order of effectiveness from the least to the most.


Mouthwash can be a valuable addition to your oral routine. We advise choosing a mouthwash that is alcohol free and clear, as colored mouthwash may dim the luster of your teeth. Certain mouthwashes promise whiter teeth but this is the least effective whitening method.

Pens and gels

What do all the store-bought whitening treatments have in common? They use peroxide to remove surface stains. Whitening pens and gels are among the least effective treatments you can choose because they do not make enough contact with your teeth to make a significant difference.


These days, there are numerous toothpastes out there that, among other beneficial qualities, promise whiter teeth. Depending on the ingredients in the toothpaste you choose, it will be more effective at whitening your teeth. However, even a toothpaste with a powerful whitening agent is only going to be moderately effective.

Whitening strips

These strips represent the most effective store-bought method of whitening your teeth – with store-bought being the key clarifying factor, as we will explain in a bit. You wear the strips for 30 minutes at a time for however many days the instructions dictate; different whitening products have different durations of treatment. However, these strips are only big enough to reach your front six or eight teeth. They also are less effective than prescription-grade whitening treatments and, as a result, the results will not be long-lasting.

Take-home whitening treatment from your dentist

The teeth whitening treatments offered by your dentist represent the pinnacle of whitening effectiveness. This is because these procedures work with bleaching agents that are significantly more powerful than any store-bought alternative. You can come into our office for a whitening treatment or, for maximum convenience, bring one of our professional whitening treatments home and apply it yourself. This entails wearing a custom-made mouthguard that has had our bleaching gel applied. This gel is the same as the products we use in our in-office treatments but there is more room for error because you are using the treatment at home on your own.

In-office whitening procedures

This is the most effective method of whitening your teeth, because you are working with the most powerful bleaching agents possible and the procedure is administered by a trained cosmetic dentist. This lowers the risk of experiencing heightened sensitivity, which is possible with any whitening procedure but especially if you are making repeat applications as the luster fades from your teeth. Hartrick Dentistry offers two in-office whitening methods: Zoom!® and 20 Minute Sinsational Smile®.

Get whiter teeth in Royal Oak

Hartrick Dentistry can whiten your smile in an hour or less and the results are immediately apparent. To find out more about our teeth whitening procedures, schedule a consultation with Dr. Hartrick today at (248) 549-0950.

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5 Tips to Feel more Energy in the Morning

wake up energized

wake up energizedRoyal Oak and Birmingham, MI

When your alarm goes off in the morning, are you one of those people who hits snooze… or maybe just dismisses the alarm completely and goes back to sleep? Maybe you’re the type of individual who needs an alarm for their alarm. Today on the blog, we go through five tips to feel more energized in the morning and how your dentist – yes, your dentist – can help.

Tip 1: Breakfast

While there is no medical consensus to prove the old cliche about breakfast being the most important meal of the day, eating a healthy breakfast every day does provide a boost in energy. Opt for a good source of lean protein, combined with some complex carbohydrates such as whole-wheat bread or steel-cut oats. This pairing will provide nutrients and energy to your body to sustain you at least until lunch.

Tip 2: What’s the tea?

As in hot tea, which contains caffeine – although less than coffee – to boost your energy. Unlike coffee, tea also can reduce stress, increase antioxidants and improve gut health. Make sure to limit the amount of sugar you add to your tea, which could increase your vulnerability to cavities and tooth decay.

Tip 3: Work it out

Regular daily exercise can give you a boost in energy. It does not have to be overly strenuous; something simple such as running in place, push-ups, sit-ups or squats for one minute can suffice.

Tip 4: Meditate

Meditation can help clear your mind and improve your focus before beginning that day’s list of tasks. There are several different meditation methods: deep breathing, focusing on an immobile object in the room or listening to calming music. There are also apps and online videos to aid meditation. The end result, though, can boost your energy for the day.

Tip 5: Improve your sleep

Your body needs the right amount of quality sleep to function at optimum levels. Quality is the key word here; six hours of deep restful sleep are preferable to seven or more hours of fitful sleep. You can take steps to improve the quality of your sleep: establishing and sticking to a consistent sleep schedule, restricting your consumption of caffeine, refraining from screen time near bedtime, just to name a few tips. However, if you suffer from a sleep breathing disorder such as sleep apnea, getting deep, restful sleep could be impossible to reach until you receive treatment for the disorder.

Obstructive sleep apnea causes blockages in the airway that impede or totally disrupt the flow of air, hindering the oxygen levels in your body and disrupting your sleep. Each of these blockages, known as an apneic event, means you spend less time in the deepest stages of sleep, which can leave you feeling tired and sluggish no matter how early your bedtime may be.

How can your dentist help you feel more energy?

Dr. Nancy Hartrick is a sleep apnea dentist. This means she specializes in airway management and the treatment of sleep apnea without the need for CPAP. She can perform an airway screening, then refer you to a sleep specialist for an official diagnosis of sleep apnea. From there, return to Hartrick Dentistry to receive treatment for your sleep apnea in Royal Oak through oral appliance therapy. This entails wearing a customized mouth guard that brings the lower jaw forward, thus preventing the airway blockages that lead to apneic events.

To find out more about Hartrick Dentistry and our sleep apnea treatment, schedule a consultation today by calling (249) 549-0950.

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Common Questions about Teeth Whitening

questions about teeth whitening

questions about teeth whiteningRoyal Oak and Birmingham, MI

Teeth whitening is the most sought-after procedure in cosmetic dentistry, and rightfully so. It offers a quick, convenient, and cost-effective solution to enhance the aesthetics of your smile. While not everyone may require a whitening treatment, achieving a brighter smile by a few shades can bring about a significant transformation. If you find yourself with questions about these procedures, you’re certainly not alone. Royal Oak dentist, Dr. Nancy Hartrick is here to answer common questions about teeth whitening.

Can professional teeth whitening work?

The outcome depends on the nature of the stains being treated. Extrinsic stains, which are caused by regular consumption of coffee, wine, and dark-colored fruits, are typically responsive to teeth whitening treatments. Whereas, intrinsic stains, originating from within the teeth, pose a greater challenge as they cannot be reached by even the most professional whitening gels. Intrinsic stains may result from prescription medications or indicate a more serious underlying issue leading to enamel deterioration. Fortunately, for those with intrinsic stains, a transformative solution exists in the form of porcelain veneers, offering a way to enhance your smile. Before initiating any cosmetic procedure, Dr. Nancy Hartrick, your Birmingham dentist conducts a thorough evaluation of your teeth to identify the nature of the stains.

How long will a whitening procedure take?

Whitening your teeth is a quick and easy procedure. Royal Oak dentist, Dr. Nancy Hartrick can see you for a professional whitening treatment that lasts about an hour and a half. During this appointment your doctor would apply a professional whitening gel, known as Zoom! Next, a special light is used to activate the whitening agent in the gel. This technique is simple and can get you teeth up to 13 shades whiter!

How often can you whiten your teeth?

There are many teeth whitening methods available, ranging from toothpaste and oral rinses to store-bought kits and professional treatments. Maintaining the longevity of whitening results is achievable through consistent adherence to good dental hygiene practices, which involve twice-daily brushing, daily flossing, and biannual visits to your dentist for professional cleanings. It is important to note, that yes, there are plenty of over-the-counter teeth whitening options, but for a long lasting, healthy, white smile professional whitening is the way to go. Additionally, our whitening procedures, conducted under the supervision of Dr. Nancy Hartrick and her team, minimize the risk of heightened teeth sensitivity associated with the treatment.

Zoom! Teeth Whitening in Royal Oak, MI.

Our whitening treatments have the capability to eliminate even the most persistent stains and discoloration. If you want a whiter, striking smile Birmingham dentist, Dr. Nancy Hartrick would love to see you for a consultation. Call our Royal Oak cosmetic dentist at Hartrick Dentistry at (248) 712-1149, or contact us online to schedule a consultation today.

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3 Ways to Reshape your Smile Without Braces

reshape smile

reshape smileRoyal Oak and Birmingham, MI

Having a winning smile that you’re proud of doesn’t have to take years or cost a fortune to achieve. Bright, dazzling smiles of straight, white teeth aren’t reserved only for Hollywood celebrities — and they don’t always require traditional metal braces! A beautiful smile is as close to you as your Royal Oak cosmetic dentist at Hartrick Dentistry! Let’s take a look today at different ways our cosmetic dentist can reshape your smile without braces.

Dental bonding

Cosmetic bonding uses composite material, which is also used to fill cavities, to address multiple aesthetic dental issues, including chips, cracks and small fractures and misshapen teeth, unwanted gaps between teeth and minor crowding and crookedness. Our cosmetic dentist in the Birmingham area brushes the composite material over the affected tooth, then cures it, shaping and polishing it to match surrounding teeth in color, shape and size. This is an affordable, durable and long-lasting restoration that will reshape your smile in as little as one visit to our cosmetic dentist’s office.


Crafted from the highest quality dental porcelain, veneers are wafer-thin tooth coverings that adhere to the front surfaces of teeth to look like natural teeth but hide imperfections such as minor crookedness, gaps, cracks, breaks, chips or discoloration. Our cosmetic dentist in Royal Oak will start by using X-rays and digital impressions to have a veneer custom-crafted to match the surrounding teeth. Once the veneer is ready, the dentist will scrape a bit of tooth enamel off the tooth that’s to be covered, which makes a veneer a permanent restorative treatment.


For patients who want a perfectly straight, gorgeous smile but don’t want to achieve it with traditional metal braces, Invisalign is a great option. Clear aligner orthodontics like Invisalign are quickly replacing braces as the premier way to straighten teeth, especially for young adults who don’t want the awkward metal brackets and wires — or the frequent adjustments — that accompany traditional braces. Hartrick Dentistry is an Invisalign provider in Royal Oak, and we help most of our patients achieve the results they want in 12-18 months, which is half the time it usually takes braces. (Treatment will vary depending on the severity of the case.)

Cosmetic dentist in Royal Oak and Birmingham, Michigan

Do you wish you could change something about your smile? If so, you’re certainly not alone! If you’re looking for ways to reshape your smile into one that you can be proud of, call our Royal Oak cosmetic dentist at Hartrick Dentistry at (248) 712-1149, or contact us online to schedule a consultation today.

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The Best Way to Make your Teeth Whitening Last Longer

teeth whitening last longer

teeth whitening last longerRoyal Oak and Birmingham, MI

So you’ve researched, budgeted and decided you’re ready to invest in yourself and your smile with professional teeth whitening. Nothing rejuvenates a bright, white, youthful smile more than this quick, affordable cosmetic dental procedure. But once you’re back at home after the treatment, how do you protect your investment? What steps should you take to ensure your teeth whitening treatment lasts as long as possible?

Our cosmetic dentist in Royal Oak is answering that very question today.

What causes staining?

The first step in protecting your investment is to know what stains tooth surfaces. Here are a few of the most common culprits:

  • Foods such as dark berries, tomato-based sauces and chocolate or foods with heavy dyes, such as certain candies
  • Beverages like coffee, red wine and dark sodas/juices
  • Tobacco use
  • Certain medications

What treatments are available?

You can have a bright, white, dazzling smile in as little as one visit to our cosmetic dentist’s office in the Birmingham area. Or choose our take-home kit to whiten your teeth from the comfort of your own home!

How can I make my whitening last longer?

No matter which treatment method you choose, our cosmetic dentist in Birmingham has recommendations to help you protect the investment you’ve made in your smile. Here are a few of the simplest and most effective ways:

  • Modify your diet Limit or avoid the foods and beverages that cause tooth surface stains.
  • Rinse When you do enjoy foods and beverages that are known to cause tooth staining, swish with water two or three times afterward to rinse away the sugar, acids and staining liquids. Don’t brush immediately after enjoying these foods and beverages because that can actually scrub the stains further into the surface of the teeth.
  • Stop smoking Besides the well-known physical health risks that tobacco use poses, it’s terrible for the teeth and mouth, staining the teeth and causing oral cancer.
  • Use a straw Using a straw helps direct any potentially staining liquids past the teeth, limiting exposure.
  • Visit the dentist regularly Regular exams and professional cleanings will help keep your teeth bright and white, prolonging your professional whitening treatment as much as possible.

Teeth whitening in Royal Oak and Birmingham, Michigan

Our smile says a lot about us, and it’s also the first thing people notice about us when first meeting us. Our smile gives us confidence, which makes rippling positive effects in our lives, both personal and professional. If you’re ready to boast a Hollywood celebrity smile, call our Royal Oak cosmetic dentist at Hartrick Dentistry at (248) 712-1149, or contact us online to schedule a consultation today.

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Why is My Tooth Sensitive, and What Should I Do About It?

sensitive teeth

sensitive teethRoyal Oak and Birmingham, MI

A tooth that is sensitive isn’t shy about letting us know it’s sensitive. In fact, it lets us know in a pretty loud, zippy way when we sip on a hot, cold or sweet beverage or breathe in cold air through our mouths. You know the feeling — it feels like a “zing” of pain — and it’s usually nothing to worry about. But once in a while, a sensitive tooth could indicate a more serious issue that requires your dentist’s attention.

Through a simple oral exam, our Royal Oak family dentist can work to rule out several potential dental issues, which we list below. Keep reading to find out ways that we recommend dealing with sensitive teeth.

 What causes tooth sensitivity?

The zing sensation that tooth sensitivity is notorious for happens when the tooth’s nerve is exposed to stimuli. Teeth have layers: a yellow “dentin” layer on the inside, and the white, durable shell known as enamel which is responsible for insulating a tooth from temperature variations. When the dentin under the enamel is exposed to stimuli, a tooth becomes susceptible to discomfort because of temperature changes, biting pressure or even sugary foods and beverages.

Here’s what could be going on when you experience tooth sensitivity:

  • Thinning enamel
  • Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder — a disorder of the joints, muscles and ligaments that connect the jaw to the skull
  • Bruxism — the clenching and grinding of teeth, usually during sleep
  • Cracked or damaged tooth
  • Gum disease

One way to determine what could be causing your tooth sensitivity is to visit our family dentist near Birmingham, but you may want to first try to narrow it down yourself at home by trying the following:

  • Use toothpaste formulated for sensitive teeth
  • Brush your teeth more gently
  • Eliminate food and beverages that irritate your sensitive tooth
  • Wear a mouthguard at night

Tooth sensitivity in Royal Oak and Birmingham, Michigan

The very best call to make about a sensitive tooth is the one to our Royal Oak family dentist at Hartrick Dentistry, especially if you can’t seem to manage the sensitive tooth at home. Give us a call at (248) 712-1149, or contact us online to schedule an appointment today.

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