Healthy Teeth, Healthy Life

healthy teeth healthy life

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Having fitness goals is quite common. Many people take strides daily to improve or maintain their health, from exercising to eating healthy. But, fewer people include keeping their mouth healthy as part of that focus.

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The Connection Between Lack of Sleep and Diabetes

connection between lack of sleep and diabetes

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Have trouble sleeping? The consequences can go far beyond just feeling tired during the day. Recent research has found a potential link between insomnia and an increased risk of developing type-2 diabetes. According to Sherl

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The Health Benefits of Smiling

health benefit of smiling

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI A smile is universal in all languages. It conveys an emotion that is understood by others, yet many people attempt to hide their smile or don’t smile at all because they are embarrassed about how

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Why Am I Always Getting Sick

why am i always getting sick

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI The hectic nature of daily life today means that sleep deprivation is becoming increasingly widespread. Scientific studies have shown a link between not getting enough rest or being sleep deprived, and having an increased risk

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Is Flossing Every Day That Important?

is flossing important

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI The short answer, YES! Let’s put it this way; your overall health relies on the state of your oral health. By ignoring even seemingly insignificant details such as flossing, you are increasing your risk of

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Are You Allergic to Your Fillings

can metal fillings be replaced

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Did you know that more than 30 percent of the population has some sort of metal allergy? Considering that metal has been used to make fillings and other dental material for decades, this obviously can

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Could Losing Weight Mean Better Gums?

could losing weight mean better gums

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI What if losing weight could mean healthier gums? A new study conducted by the Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine concluded that the human body fights gum disease better when fat cells disappear. Fat

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