Why your Dentist wants you to Stop Mouth Breathing

stop mouth breathing

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Breathing comes naturally from the moment you’re born. However, it may surprise you to learn that an estimated 80% of humans breathe incorrectly, which equates to four out of five people. Mouth breathing is an

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Gasp! How you Breathe could be Causing Cavities

how you breathe can cause cavities

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI One of the most perplexing patient questions is how someone can get cavities, even when they constantly brush and floss their teeth and visit their dentist twice a year. For years, we’ve all heard that

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Can Tongue Thrust be Corrected in Adults?

tongue thrust in adults

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Your tongue serves a variety of essential functions, even when it is at rest. It plays a part in how we eat, speak, and even breathe. Poor tongue positioning could cause a variety of problems,

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How you Breathe could be causing you Cavities

how you breathe causes cavities

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Waking up with a dry mouth or sore throat are signs that you breathe through your mouth at night. You might not know it, but mouth breathing can have serious consequences for your health. A

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Doing this while Sleeping could be a Detriment to your Health

doing this while sleeping bad for health

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI You probably don’t give much thought to how you breathe, especially while sleeping. But, mouth breathing is common among many people, and it could be wrecking your oral health. Therefore, your airway dentist in Royal

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The Real Reasons behind your Child’s Tantrums

real reason behind childs tantrums

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Parenting is hard, especially if your child has been diagnosed with ADHD. Did you know that the Centers for Disease Control estimates nearly 6.1 million children have a behavioral disorder referred to as ADHD? Children

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Look Younger just by Changing how you Breathe

change the way you breathe

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Anti-aging is a topic on every beauty website and promoted on the packaging of cosmetic products. Did you know that your dentist also could help you turn back the clock on your appearance? Your Royal

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5 ways adults can Benefit from Myofunctional Therapy

myofunctional therapy

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Have you ever heard of myofunctional therapy? This isn’t just a fancy-sounding word; it’s a form of therapy that has been successful in treating a host of different orofacial myofunctional disorders that affect people of

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Want to lower your risk of Cavities?

lower risk of cavities

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Dental caries, the clinical term of tooth decay, affects the vast majority of Americans. Even though tooth decay is preventable, it’s the most common chronic disease among both children and adolescents, according to data compiled

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What you need to know about Myofunctional Therapy

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Have you heard of orofacial myofunctional therapy? It may be a mouthful to say, but a course of orofacial myofunctional therapy (also known as OMT) can treat a wide variety of issues affecting the mouth

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