Common Questions about Teeth Whitening

questions about teeth whitening

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Teeth whitening is the most sought-after procedure in cosmetic dentistry, and rightfully so. It offers a quick, convenient, and cost-effective solution to enhance the aesthetics of your smile. While not everyone may require a whitening

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The Best Way to Make your Teeth Whitening Last Longer

teeth whitening last longer

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI So you’ve researched, budgeted and decided you’re ready to invest in yourself and your smile with professional teeth whitening. Nothing rejuvenates a bright, white, youthful smile more than this quick, affordable cosmetic dental procedure. But

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What Causes Teeth to Stain

what causes teeth to stain

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Want to keep your smile bright? Then be conscious of your diet. Food and drink choices are a significant contributing factor to surface stains on teeth. When what you consume affects the exterior of your

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The secret to winning the election? White teeth!

It’s no secret that whiter, more beautiful teeth are linked to success – and now it’s been proven! With the presidential election just around the corner, a new study has confirmed that previous presidents sported whiter teeth than their opposing

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