Common TMJ Symptoms you Shouldn’t Ignore

tmj symptoms

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Navigating a lengthy To Do List with a severe headache or jaw pain can make the process much more challenging. Sometimes, the pain could be related to high-stress levels, but other times, it could be

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When TMJ Disorder Affects your Relationship

tmj affects relationship

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Those who have TMJ issues may experience pain in any circumstance that calls for awkward jaw movement, and one of these is intimate moments with your partner. If dental discomfort interrupts your romantic life, you’re

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Discovering the Link behind your Mysterious Headaches

link between mysterious headaches

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Headaches happen to just about everyone at some point. Headaches can happen when you get dehydrated, experience a stressful event, have vision problems, or have eyestrain from too much computer use. But, have you tried

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