Detroit Dentist Offers a Medication-Free Treatment Option for Headaches

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Getting through your day with frequent or debilitating headaches can seem impossible. Whether you have an occasional headache typically caused by stress, dehydration, allergies, or suffer from consistent headaches daily, you may depend on over-the-counter or prescription medication to manage pain symptoms. However, a leading Detroit dentist that treats TMJ, Dr. Nancy Hartrick, shares that medication-free treatment for your headaches is possible. Today on the blog, we explain the connection between temporomandibular joint disorder and headaches, as well as the conditional diagnosis and treatment process.

What does TMJ disorder have to do with my headaches?

Your temporomandibular joint connects your jawbone to your skull. The trigeminal nerve, a central body nerve, extends from your spinal cord and branches into the forehead, jaw, and face. The complex cranial nerve can send painful sensations to your jaw, sinuses, teeth, head, neck, or eyes when aggravated. Our Royal Oak TMJ dentist explains that the pain may radiate to the spine and cause back pain in the most severe cases.

Misaligned jaw joints become inflamed, restrict blood flow, and irritate the trigeminal nerve. The nerve pain may be your leading headache cause and why it seems pain medication provides only temporary relief. Our Detroit TMJ dentist, Dr. Hartrick, explains that medications merely mask your symptoms. To relieve the painful sensations, you must treat the underlying cause. TMJ disorder treatment with a board-certified TMJ dentist in Detroit can reduce your symptoms without the need for medications.

TMJ Disorder Diagnosis

Every patient who visits Hartrick Dentistry for TMJ begins with a consultation and exam. During the appointment, Dr. Hartrick uses specialized equipment that measures and tracks your jaw movement and sounds. With the information, the device calculates your jaw’s misalignment degree, which aids in developing a customized treatment plan.

Once diagnosed, most treatment begins with a focus on muscle relaxation by using a TENS unit, an electrical stimulation machine that uses ultra-low frequencies. Although it may sound scary and painful, our Detroit TMJ dentist assures patients that the device is adjustable and can be set for comfort while relaxing their muscles.

Bite stabilization is often the next step in TMJ treatment. TMJ is responsible for how your teeth come together when biting down. Dr. Hartrick can custom design an oral appliance that keeps your jaw in the proper position. Then, when you wear the device as a splint and as directed by our TMJ dentist in Royal Oak, you can provide relief for your jaw and better manage your headaches.

Long-term TMJ management may involve rebuilding your bite if you have crooked, uneven, or missing teeth contributing to the misalignment. With dental correction, our Detroit dentist who treats TMJ can restore your bite to its natural position and help relieve your pain without medication.

TMJ Dentist in Royal Oak and Birmingham, Michigan

Headaches can cause problems when you have a busy schedule. On some days, over-the-counter pain medicine may get you through. However, if your pain is consistent and debilitating, it may be an excellent time to schedule a consultation with our Detroit board-certified dentist, Dr. Nancy Hartrick. You could receive a pain-free life and without relying on medication. Call Hartrick Dentistry at (248) 549-0950 or contact us for a free initial consultation.

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