Our Technology

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI

We believe that there are many aspects to what makes a great dental team and dental practice. One, its people. Two, its technology. Dr. Nancy Hartick is pleased to offer the most up-to-the-minute dental technology available.

Our Online Presence

Life is busy. That is why we have honed our online presence to give you the most information in the easiest, quickest form possible. We also invite you to sign up with us right here on our site. We aim to save you time by offering top notch online service.

Your Records

Keeping accurate records helps everyone, especially you! Being able to keep records digitally gives us the opportunity to update your records, receive your records when necessary and make sure they are always completely up to date.

Digital X-Rays (intra-oral)

The days of using films to get an x-ray of your teeth to check your dental health are over. Digital x-rays are head and shoulders above the x-ray systems of days gone by. Intraoral digital x-rays are more precise, more thorough and are healthier. They are also virtually painless. There is so much good with digital x-rays. We are so happy to offer it to our patients.

High Resolution Photography

With high resolution photography, you can finally see the inside of your mouth just like the dentist can. The little camera in a wand that takes pictures of your mouth then puts those pictures on a screen where you can see it. You will be able to keep up to date about your oral health by actually seeing your own mouth!

Laser Diagnosis – Diagnodent Pen

Finding decay in your mouth is essential to make sure your mouth is healthy. When the dentist looks into your mouth, there is about a 50% chance that decay can be seen. That is why using the Diagnodent Pen is so great. This laser technology can give your dentist a clear picture of your oral health–with 98% accuracy!

CEREC Crowns-in-a-Day

Before this technology, it used to take two different appointments to install a porcelain crown. Now with CEREC, instead of sending a mold of your tooth to a lab, we can make our porcelain crowns right in our office. Instead of two separate appointments, we can now complete the entire porcelain crown procedure in only one appointment. CEREC can save you time. You won’t even have to start out with a temporary crown.