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Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI

At Hartrick Dentistry we provide a range of advanced dental treatments designed to make sure that you can receive the necessary treatments that you need in maximum comfort and with absolute effectiveness.

Dental Decay Testing

There are options available to effectively test your individual susceptibility to dental decay, which can be subsequently treated and a plan developed to help build resistance to further decay.

Digital Radiography

Digital radiography is available, which is a major advancement in the development of dental health technologies. It reduces the amount of radiation exposure to the patient and eliminates the need for potentially harmful chemicals in the radiography process.

The use of digital radiography is a greatly beneficial technology in a patient’s dental treatments, as it provides a far higher degree of safety and accuracy in the individual treatment, allowing for the enhancement of imagery and an ability to magnify areas beyond the capabilities of traditional radiography techniques.

For any further information on the treatments available at Hartrick Dentistry, or to schedule an appointment, please do not hesitate to call a member of the team, who will do their best to assist you with your query.