What Happens Next

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI

When you come to our comfortable office, we want you to feel like family–from the very first. Here are some suggestions we would like to give you.

We invite you to:

  • Meet our fabulous, well-trained, friendly team – There is no obligation. We are here for you.
  • Tour our entire facility, from treatment rooms to our waiting area.
  • Come take a look at our up-to-the-minute technology! We think you will love what we have to make your dental care better and better!
  • Talk about your treatment goals, what the costs may be and time frames for each procedure.
  • Give us information to help us help you best, such as, what times are best for your appointments, any special medication information.
  • Bring along any past dental records so we can coordinate and compile a full dental profile for you.

Your First Visit

If you are here for the first time, we want to basically introduce ourselves to you and let you get know us. We treat all our patients like family and want you to join our family.

If your first visit is an emergency, we are happy to help, but sorry it is under these circumstances. We take every dental emergency very seriously.

Your Second Visit

During your second visit, we begin to review your dental goals, as well review your oral health care and dental hygiene practices. We will partner with you to make sure your dental care at home and here in our office is top notch!

Your Third and Subsequent Visits

During your third and subsequent visits with us, we will continue in your care to the best of our abilities. Our priorities are to give you the best care possible, to give you the healthiest, most beautiful smile possible, and earn your trust. We are dedicated to being the best dental provider we can be. This means each appointment is efficient, effective and gives you the best care possible.

Maintenance and Follow Up Visits

The first step was your treatment. Once your procedures are completed and your smile is all you would like it to be, we institute a maintenance plan. These visits are when we continue to update your care as well as make sure your oral health stays at its best.

Anytime ( non-dental ) Visit

When we are open, you are welcome to visit anytime! We are happy to see you. We welcome all our patients in our doors because we are thrilled to see you. Come visit with us and we will tell you the newest information about our practice, the newest findings in the world of dentistry. Or we will just chat. We love our patients. Come on by!