When TMJ Disorder Affects your Relationship

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Those who have TMJ issues may experience pain in any circumstance that calls for awkward jaw movement, and one of these is intimate moments with your partner. If dental discomfort interrupts your romantic life, you’re not the only one. Similar issues affect many people and can influence a person’s relationships and sense of self, not to mention challenging to live with. Our Royal Oak TMJ dentist, Dr. Nancy Hartrick, shares on the blog today how TMJ disorder can affect your relationship and how you can stop the pain and restore jaw function.

You’re Not Alone

Many of the TMJ-related and life-related anecdotes you hear are uncomfortable to discuss with your dentist because they include TMJ and common life occurrences. TMJ discomfort can affect your intimate relations with your significant other. Although it is more of a private concern, it is significant for both men and women. Patients frequently believe they are the only ones dealing with this issue, but many people deal with discomfort from TMJ disorder. Our dentist who treats TMJ disorder in Royal Oak explains that triggers might be anything from little behaviors to more aggressive ones. Joint discomfort can result from speaking, chewing, and even being touched on the face. Any activity that requires jaw movement or a wide open mouth may aggravate symptoms.

The Negative Effects

Many individuals do not consider how TMJ discomfort may affect both the spouses of those who are diagnosed with it and their intimate life. Due to common interactions like being touched, kissed, or experiencing any other feeling, something that was previously delightful is now producing a substantial amount of agony. Our Royal Oak dentist who treats TMJ patients explains that due to their inability to please their partner, someone with TMJ may experience melancholy, self-consciousness, and worries that their physical pain and limitations may impact their relationship. Men might have the same problem but are less likely to talk about it.

The Solution

Find a solution when you consult with our Royal Oak TMJ dentist that treats jaw joint pain and dysfunction. You may improve your day-to-day comfort by reducing stress, making a few lifestyle changes, and talking to your spouse. The first step in dealing with the issue is to inform your partner about your pain and discomfort. By doing this, you will ensure that they are aware of the circumstances and understand better than to push you beyond your comfort level. Second, be ready. An anti-inflammatory or pain medicine can lessen discomfort so that you can feel more like yourself. Third, using cold packs is another method to ease discomfort and swelling around the face. Lastly, opt for professional dental treatments and therapies that can relieve joint tension and reduce your pain.

TMJ Treatment in Royal Oak and Birmingham, Michigan

Experiencing jaw pain can be frustrating when it interferes with your relationship. Even though you may mentally want to show them how much you love and care for them, your jaw discomfort may result in moody behavior. Fortunately, through effective TMJ treatments at our Royal Oak dental office, you can stop the painful sensations and restore the full function of your jaw, making it more pleasant to be intimate with your partner. If you suffer from jaw pain or wake up with daily headaches, please contact Hartrick Dentistry to schedule a consultation and find out how TMJ therapy can help relieve your symptoms. Please call our office at (248) 549-0950 or contact us online to request an appointment today.

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