Why Dental Implants are Worth the Cost

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Have you ever felt self-conscious about your smile? If you are living with missing teeth, or having trouble with ill-fitting dentures, you should know that there is a solution to your problems—dental implants. When installed by an experienced dentist, a dental implant could last the rest of your life and revolutionize the way you feel about your smile. Hartrick Dentistry knows that dental implants are the best tooth replacement treatment on the market for a variety of reasons, but maybe you’re unsure about pursuing implants because of the cost. While it’s true that implants are expensive, Dr. Nancy Hartrick, an implant dentist in Royal Oak, wants to explain why receiving a dental implant to replace your lost teeth is worth every penny.

Dental Implants and Insurance

If you’ve been living with lost teeth, you probably already know about dental implants. Maybe you looked into getting an implant, but your dental insurance provider refused to cover the procedure. What reason did your insurer give? Your dental insurance carrier probably said that implants are experimental, or maybe that they only served a cosmetic purpose. The reality is that neither is true.

Dental implants are not experimental. Dentists have been using implants for more than 50 years. In that time, multiple comprehensive studies have been done proving that implants are safe, effective, long lasting, and the only way to fully replace a missing tooth.

Dental implants are not just for cosmetics. It’s true that a completed implant look and feels natural, but they provide functional benefits, too. Implants stimulate the jawbone, preventing your supporting bone structure from deteriorating and helping to keep your remaining natural teeth stable and in their place. This stimulation also encourages healthier gums and jaws.

Don’t Let Insurance Dictate Your Health Decisions

Dr. Nancy Hartrick doesn’t want you to give up on getting dental implants just because your insurance won’t cover them. However, some dental insurance plans offer coverage for dental implants. Check with your provider to find out. At our office in Royal Oak, we can develop an individualized treatment plan that outlines the estimated cost of your dental implant procedure.

We also offer three convenient payment options:

  1. Pre-pay prior to your appointment and get a 5 percent discount.
  2. Divide your payments by paying part of the balance the day you receive treatment, and the remaining balance within 30 days after your visit. If your balance is more than $1000, then you also can make a partial payment when scheduling your appointment.
  3. We also offer special financing packages through partnerships with CareCredit and Lending Club. These options allow you to charge the amount of your treatment and then make interest-free monthly payments for a specified time.

Dental Implants in Royal Oak

Are you tired of struggling with eating difficulties, problems speaking, or general frustration over living with lost teeth? You don’t have to live that way any longer. Committing to dental implants can seem costly, but in the long run, receiving implants to replace your lost teeth is worth it. To find out if dental implants are right for you, contact Hartrick Dentistry by calling (248) 549-0950 and schedule a consultation. We welcome patients from the areas of Birmingham and Royal Oak in Michigan.

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