How Fast can I Improve my Smile?

how fast can i improve smile

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Having an imperfect smile is common because most perfectly straight white teeth didn’t develop that way naturally. Sometimes, people don’t pay much attention to their teeth until they have an important event coming up like

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Unhappy about your Smile? Cosmetic Dentistry can help!

cosmetic dentistry can help

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Turn on the TV or go to the movies, and what do you see? Celebrities with straight, gleaming white, perfect-looking teeth. Very few of those celebrities have flawless smiles naturally. They obtained them through cosmetic

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Porcelain Veneers can make a Whiter Smile

veneers whiten smile

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI According to a recent study by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 71 percent of women who responded and 58 percent of men said that when they were meeting a potential significant other for the

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How your Dentist can make you Appear Younger

dentist can make you appear younger

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Changes in appearance are part of the natural aging process, but that does not mean people are happy with the changes that come with age. You can undergo cosmetic surgery or have procedures like Botox

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How to get a Smile Makeover before Christmas

merry christmas

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI This time of year everyone is thinking about gifts to give to their friends or loved ones. Often times, we think of everyone but ourselves! This Christmas, your cosmetic dentist in the Royal Oak area

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Get the 411 on Porcelain Veneers

get the 411 on veneers

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI How would you like to improve the way your teeth look, but also how they function? Porcelain veneers can accomplish this double feat. The veneers used at Hartrick Dentistry represent the pinnacle of strength, flexibility,

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Make Your Smile Sparkle for the Holidays

make your smile sparkle for the holiday

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Office parties and family gatherings will soon set off the holidays. But, how confident will you feel walking into that room full of co-workers of family members? If your smile is not as bright as

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Do you want a new smile? Answer these questions first.

smile makeovers

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Most of us are just not lucky enough to be born with a perfect smile. Thankfully, at Hartrick Dentistry, we offer smile makeovers to give you a smile that you deserve. What is a smile

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Whiter and Brighter Teeth are Achievable Through Your Dentist

Do you have discolored teeth and not sure what to do about them? Take a visit to your dentist and ask about professional tooth whitening. Your dentist will advise the correct product to maintain your new smile and suit your

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Cosmetic Dentistry Can Transform Your Smile

If your teeth need a cosmetic makeover, your dentist can provide quality cosmetic treatments that can reinvigorate and rejuvenate a smile that may be looking tired or in need of cosmetic enhancement. Some people may feel low on confidence and

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