4 Oral Hygiene Rituals That You Can’t Live Without

oral hygiene rituals

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI It’s no secret that a healthy lifestyle helps reduce your risks of illnesses and diseases, but did you know that oral hygiene should also be part of a healthy lifestyle? Oral hygiene is an important

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Do Probiotics Promote Better Oral Health?


Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Probiotics and their effect on the human microbiome have been the topic of many discussions among doctors and in medical studies. The more we understand about these microorganisms, the better we can improve our health.

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What are Some Early Signs of Dental Trouble

dental trouble

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Most people can expect to have dental issues at some point in their lives. For some, that dental trouble is obvious: for example, a blow to the mouth that produces bleeding and broken or missing

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Oral Health Hacks to Save $

oral health hacks

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Especially when the cost of seemingly everything is skyrocketing around us, who doesn’t want to find ways to save money? Preventative dental care may seem expensive, but it’s nothing compared to the costs you may

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What Happens if I Miss Wearing my Invisalign Aligners?


Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Researching teeth straightening options may lead you to a wide treatment variety. From traditional braces to clear aligner therapies, people are seeking a straighter smile for better oral health. Those considering Invisalign clear aligners should

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8 Halloween Treats and their Impact on your Smile

haloween candy

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI The trick-or-treating season is here, and so are the sugary, sticky sweets that children and parents love. Halloween is a festive season full of treats that can pack a punch to your smile, especially when

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Why Functional Medicine should be part of your Overall Healthcare

functional medicine and oral health

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Functional medicine is a growing area of medical science today. If you are a proponent in functional medicine, which emphasizes the whole health of the patient rather than treatment of specific diseases or conditions, then

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Is Stress Ruining your Teeth-Here’s what we can do About it

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Sensitive teeth are more common than you might think. According to a 2013 study published in the Journal of the American Dental Association that looked at dental practices in the northwest region of the United

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Why Lying to Dentist is bad for your Oral Health

lying to dentist is bad for oral health

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI “Have you been flossing?” It is a question that you should hear asked every time you visit your dentist for a cleaning. When asked this question, or anything else regarding your oral hygiene habits at

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How what you eat Impacts your Teeth

how what you eat impacts your teeth

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of oral health is the basics: flossing, brushing, and routine cleanings. But, did you know what you eat can impact oral health too? Of course, your

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