4 Oral Hygiene Practices your Detroit Dentist Swears By

oral hygiene tips

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI You may see various oral hygiene product advertisements that promise to keep your teeth and gums healthy. From mouth rinses that promise to maintain pearly whites to water flossers that supposedly replace flossing, it leaves

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Oral Health Tips for the Holiday Season

holiday oral health tips

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI The holidays may look a bit different this year, with fewer get-togethers and smaller gatherings. But one thing will likely remain the same – lots of food! Even though the season is typically jolly, your

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Could you Benefit from taking Probiotics?

benefits from taking probiotics

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Increasing evidence continues to support the fact that probiotics are beneficial to your health. Most known for increasing healthy gut bacteria and boosting your immune system, probiotics could also help your teeth and gums. Find

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Protect your Health by keeping your Mouth Clean

protect your health

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Personal hygiene can play a large part in your overall health, especially when it comes to your oral care. When you take good care of your teeth, you reduce the presence of bad bacteria that

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Why Functional Medicine should be part of your Overall Healthcare

functional medicine and oral health

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Functional medicine is a growing area of medical science today. If you are a proponent in functional medicine, which emphasizes the whole health of the patient rather than treatment of specific diseases or conditions, then

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Is Stress Ruining your Teeth-Here’s what we can do About it

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Sensitive teeth are more common than you might think. According to a 2013 study published in the Journal of the American Dental Association that looked at dental practices in the northwest region of the United

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Why Lying to Dentist is bad for your Oral Health

lying to dentist is bad for oral health

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI “Have you been flossing?” It is a question that you should hear asked every time you visit your dentist for a cleaning. When asked this question, or anything else regarding your oral hygiene habits at

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How what you eat Impacts your Teeth

how what you eat impacts your teeth

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of oral health is the basics: flossing, brushing, and routine cleanings. But, did you know what you eat can impact oral health too? Of course, your

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Is Your Nail Biting Habit Damaging Your Teeth

nail biting damaging teeth

Royal Oak and Birmingham, MI Biting your nails is not just a bad habit. It is bad for your teeth. Chronic nail biting makes you more vulnerable to a wide variety of risks to your oral health. First and foremost,

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