The importance of regular check-ups

Maintaining a healthy and clean mouth can sometimes be a challenge even for the best of us. A healthy and well maintained mouth is of paramount importance to everybody, and we feel at Hartrick Dentistry we can guide you in making the right choices in terms of toothpaste toothbrushes and the techniques of brushing.

Sometimes brushing on your own 2 times a day is not enough to maintain a healthy mouth, and you feel that a dentist can help you to get back on track and motivate you to keep a healthy mouth. Whether you are still a child with milk teeth, and adult with a full set of teeth, or a mature adult with missing teeth and dentures, mouth maintenance is still of paramount importance.

A check up every 6 months is a perfect time scale to stick to in terms of dentistry treatment, as we feel with our guidance, you can stick to keeping a healthy mouth, and we can track your progress carefully and efficiently.

We think you agree with us when we say that the health of our teeth and mouth in general is a high priority in anybody’s life and at Hartrick Dentistry we can help you gain this with minimal effort and maximum results.

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