The secret to winning the election? White teeth!

It’s no secret that whiter, more beautiful teeth are linked to success – and now it’s been proven!

With the presidential election just around the corner, a new study has confirmed that previous presidents sported whiter teeth than their opposing candidates!

An analysis of presidential candidates on the campaign trail displayed a direct correlation between the whiteness of teeth and electability!

Ensure your success with a beautiful, white smile…

At Hartrick Dentistry in Detroit, we are fully focused on the esthetics and function of your teeth and endeavour to rejuvenate and enhance your smile to perfection. Are you embarrassed of a discolored smile? Our tooth whitening treatments are simple and effective, and will leave your smile white and bright!

Tooth whitening in the chair…

When experiencing tooth whitening with us at Hartrick Dentistry, we ensure maximum comfort and relaxation during the treatment, and strive to bring you the highest level of success. We want you to leave our practice with a renewed sense of confidence and pride in your smile!

Tooth whitening at home…

Our take-home tooth whitening option includes a simple mouthguard-style tray which is used to hold the whitening gel in place overnight. This helps to effectively whiten your teeth and eliminate staining and discoloring for the ultimate esthetic result.

For more information on our tooth whitening treatments or to book an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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