Are Mercury Fillings Breaking Your Teeth?

For more than a hundred years dentists have relied on mercury, also known as silver fillings, for repairing decay in teeth. Although the FDA has declared mercury fillings safe for dental purposes, the World Health Organization has stated otherwise. Research has shown that amalgam fillings are not only toxic to your health but is also damaging to your teeth.

One problem with mercury fillings is that they slowly emit mercury vapor into your mouth, which in turn, enters your bloodstream and is carried throughout your body, including your organs. Another issue posed by amalgam fillings is that as we eat and drink, our teeth are subjected to varying degrees of temperature changes. Our teeth are designed to expand and contract, ever so slightly, while adjusting to changes in temperatures. However, mercury fillings expand and contract at a different rate than our teeth, causing the amalgam filled tooth to crack.

Mercury fillings also tend to leak, over time, creating a hidden danger waiting to be discovered. Many times, patients are unaware that their old silver filling is leaking or has caused damage to their tooth until the tooth starts to hurt. These old fillings can be removed and replaced with a safer, more durable material.

At the office of Dr. Hartrick, we offer biocompatible, tooth-colored fillings, known as composites. This innovative filling material is made from a mixture of resin and plastic, and composites are the perfect material for repairing decay in teeth or replacing old silver fillings. Patients appreciate the aesthetics of their composite fillings because composite fillings blend in when they smile or laugh, unlike old metal fillings. The composite material is designed to expand and contract along with your teeth when exposed to temperature changes, meaning, composites are safer and healthier for your teeth!

Dr. Hartrick can safely remove any of your old mercury fillings and replace them with new, natural-looking composites. If you are interested in a consultation for composite fillings, please contact our office today! We welcome patients of Royal Oak and Birmingham MI.

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