Is Stress Ruining your Teeth-Here’s what we can do About it

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Sensitive teeth are more common than you might think. According to a 2013 study published in the Journal of the American Dental Association that looked at dental practices in the northwest region of the United States, more than 12 percent of patients—or one in eight—suffered from sensitive teeth. The causes of tooth sensitivity can include cavities, gum disease, and using over-the-counter teeth whitening products but some of the greatest risks to your mouth come from the “hidden” cause of tooth sensitivity… stress.

How stress can damage your teeth

Bruxism is a behavior that occurs when you grind and clench your teeth. This action usually happens when a person is asleep, so patients who suffer from this issue often never realize they are doing it. However, the damage from bruxism can be devastating to your teeth. A patient with a severe case of bruxism may be placing as much as 250 pounds of additional pressure on their teeth. This pressure can cause enhanced sensitivity in teeth, along with a host of other potential problems, including tooth damage. In fact, patients with an advanced, untreated case of bruxism may have all their teeth worn down to the nubs as a result of bruxism.

How your local Bloomsburg family dentists can help

Hamilton Dental Care can prescribe a custom-made mouth guard to protect your teeth from the damaging effects of bruxism. Our custom-made mouth guards are constructed of the finest materials available and are fabricated using unique impressions of your teeth and mouth to ensure a snug yet comfortable fit. 

Oral hygiene often can be affected during times of high stress. When you are worried or stressed about something going on in your life, it can be easy to neglect daily tasks like brushing and flossing. This can increase tooth sensitivity as plaque and tartar build up on your teeth and gums. No matter what is going on in your life, you need to be sure to take care of your teeth. That means brushing at least twice a day and flossing daily.

How your local Danville family dentist can help

Regular visits to your dentist for checkups and cleanings is a critical step in maintaining optimal levels of oral hygiene. These check-ups help your dentist remain aware of any changes in your oral health, and one of our hygienists can perform a cleaning that removes tartar buildup from your teeth and gum line.

Diet also can be affected during stressful times. Ever heard of “stress eating?” This is when people increase their consumption of junk food, binging on their favorite unhealthy treats when they get stressed out. Eating too many sugary foods or drinking carbonated beverages makes your teeth more sensitive because they can deteriorate the enamel—the harder outer layer of your tooth surface, and increase your risk of tooth decay.

How your local Lewisburg family dentist can help

We can suggest better food choices that promote good oral health and advise you on which foods could be a detriment to your oral health. You also may consider exercising in times of stress rather than reaching for unhealthy junk food or treats.

Family Dentist in Bloomsburg

Hamilton Dental Care can help protect your teeth against the devastating effects of stress. Contact our office at (570) 387-0533 to schedule a consultation and learn more about the services we offer.

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