Sedation Dentistry for Dental Anxiety

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Gum disease affects nearly half of Americans who are over the age of 30. Meanwhile, it is estimated that one out of every three Americans is dissatisfied with the appearance of their smile. However, millions of individuals avoid going to the dentist out of fear.

What is a dental phobia?

This is a condition known as dental phobia, and it affects 30 to 40 million people in this country. This refers to patients who experience strong feelings of fear and anxiety. As a result of this behavior, many people with dental anxiety actually have the greatest need to receive professional oral care because they have neglected regular check-ups and cleanings, allowing significant problems to develop. A patient who suffers from dental anxiety may go several years—or even decades—without seeking the care of a dentist because of this phobia.

If you or a member of your family suffers from dental anxiety, these feelings of fear no longer have to stand in the way of top-quality professional oral care thanks to sedation dentistry. This refers to the practice of using sedation to make a patient calm and comfortable, allowing dental care to take place.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation, which is administered as a small pill, is the most common type of sedation. This sedation will make you relaxed and perhaps a bit drowsy, but will not put you to sleep. You still can respond to those speaking to you, but you will have less awareness of your surroundings.

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Nitrous oxide is another popular type of sedation used in dentistry. Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide has been used for decades in dentistry and makes a person very relaxed in a short period of time. Proven safe and effective, nitrous oxide is mixed with oxygen and administered in a mask that fits over the nose. Once a procedure is complete, the flow of the gas is cut off and replaced with pure oxygen, allowing a quick recovery from the effects of nitrous oxide.

Who should not undergo sedation dentistry?

Certain pre-existing conditions may preclude you from sedation dentistry. These conditions include pregnancy, glaucoma, and central nervous system depression. A qualified dentist should evaluate your medical history before beginning any procedure that involves sedation.

Visit the dentist without fear or anxiety

Sedation dentistry makes it possible to undergo even extremely lengthy or uncomfortable procedures. You can sit in comfort without feeling any pain. Sedation also can be a good option for patients who have difficulty sitting still or holding their jaws open for a prolonged period of time, as well as those who deal with an extremely sensitive gag reflex.

Sedation Dentistry in Royal Oak

Whatever the reason, if phobia or some other condition has kept you away from the dentist, then sedation dentistry could be right for you. At Hartrick Dentistry, we offer sedation in the form of both a pill and nitrous oxide. Which form of sedation is right for you will depend on your oral health, overall health, and the degree of your fear regarding seeing your Royal Oak sedation dentist. To learn more, contact our office at (248) 549-0950 to schedule a consultation.

Hartrick Dentistry is proud to serve the oral health needs of patients in the areas of Royal Oak and Birmingham, Michigan.

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