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Turn on the TV or go to the movies, and what do you see? Celebrities with straight, gleaming white, perfect-looking teeth. Very few of those celebrities have flawless smiles naturally. They obtained them through cosmetic dentistry. A specialization of dental science, cosmetic dentistry combines advanced techniques and high-quality materials that improve your smile. Let’s take a look at how your Royal Oak cosmetic dentist Dr. Nancy Hartrick can use the procedures and principles of cosmetic dentistry to enhance the look of your smile.

Cosmetic dentistry can address several different perceived aesthetic flaws with your teeth

  • Discoloration: Even if you are scrupulous about your dental hygiene, your teeth are going to change color or develop stains—if not because of the consumption of substances like coffee, wine, and tobacco, or as part of the aging process. You can get whiter teeth in Royal Oak by using one of three teeth whitening treatments offered at Hartrick Dentistry. Or, if you have intrinsic stains or don’t want to worry with repeat whitening procedures, you can brighten your smile permanently by receiving porcelain veneers.
  • Uneven teeth: Are your teeth of different shapes or sizes? Is one tooth longer or shorter than the one next to it? Are you experiencing crowding in your mouth, or are your teeth crooked? Dr. Hartrick can straighten your teeth with Invisalign, which uses clear plastic aligners to guide your teeth into their preferred alignment. Or, if you just want the appearance of straighter teeth without waiting more than a year for orthodontic treatment to run its course, Dr. Hartrick can install veneers or cosmetic bonding. Many sizing and alignment issues related to your teeth can be addressed through veneers or dental bonding.
  • Older or failing dental work: Do you have an amalgam filling or other metallic restoration in your mouth? These restorations have been used for years, but modern cosmetic dentistry can improve your smile and offer so much more. Dr. Hartrick can remove those older fillings and replace them with tooth-colored composite fillings that are metal-free. These fillings can be designed to match the shape and shade of your other natural healthy teeth.
  • Cracked, chipped, broken, or lost teeth: Living with lost teeth can compromise your oral health while also creating a hole in your smile. To replace your missing tooth or teeth, Hartrick Dentistry offers tooth replacement options such as a dental bridge or dental implant. Perhaps you have a tooth you’re trying to save that has suffered significant damage because of tooth decay or an injury. In that case, Dr. Hartrick can install a dental crown to replace the exterior of your tooth and prevent tooth loss.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Royal Oak

Cosmetic dentistry can do so much more than just improve the appearance of your teeth. Many patients who receive cosmetic dental work also report that their teeth function better after the procedure is complete. Isn’t it time to get the great-looking smile you always wanted? If you want to get straight teeth in Royal Oak or find out how to make your smile look better in Birmingham, schedule a consultation with Dr. Hartrick today by calling our office at (248) 549-0950.

Hartrick Dentistry is proud to serve our patients in the areas of Royal Oak and Birmingham in Michigan.

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