Could Losing Weight Mean Better Gums?

could losing weight mean better gumsRoyal Oak and Birmingham, MI

What if losing weight could mean healthier gums? A new study conducted by the Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine concluded that the human body fights gum disease better when fat cells disappear. Fat cells trigger inflammation, which is a major indicator of gum disease. Gums swell, become sore, bleed easily, and become infected when gum disease is present.

The study included 31 obese individuals with gum disease. Half of the group, with a BMI of 39, underwent gastric bypass surgery and had fat cells removed from their abdomen. The other half of the group had a BMI of 35, but did not have gastric bypass surgery or fat cells removed. All participants in the study received nonsurgical treatments for their periodontal disease, as well as adhering to a regimen of oral hygiene at home.

Individuals from both groups showed improvement in their gum disease, but the group that underwent surgery fared significantly better, including measurements for periodontal attachments, plaque levels, bleeding, and probing depths. How is this possible?

Inflammation within the body, especially when it is chronic, means the body may begin suffering harmful effects over time including premature births (low birth weight), fetal death, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and arthritis. Some of these diseases impact the state of one’s oral health, making oral hygiene even more important.

Based on the findings of this study, a reduction in fat cells directly relates to gum health. If you are overweight, consider incorporating a healthy diet and regular exercise to help shed some pounds. Also, remember to visit the dentist regularly to receive routine dental cleanings and exams. Continue with a regimen of oral hygiene at home.

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